Floating offshore wind technologies promised £60 million funding

11 successful projects have been awarded up to £10 million each for the development of  innovative floating offshore wind technologies.

The funding is a combination of more than £31 million from the UK government and by more than £30 million from industry. 

This will drive green energy investment and levelling up parts of the country including in Aberdeen, Swansea and Yorkshire, with a focus on developing new technologies that will enable turbines to be located in the windiest parts around the UK’s coastline. The aspiration is to place turbines in deep-sea areas, including in areas where winds are at their strongest. 

The Government’s intention is that new research will help maintain UK’s position as a world leader in offshore wind, as well as generating green energy investment in all parts of the UK. 

Read more at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/60-million-boost-for-floating-offshore-wind

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